Miles Morales has a lot of costumes to choose from in his Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 5. Some of them are wholly original, while others call back to Peter Parker’s comics history.

This printed polyknit jumpsuit and fabric mask capture the look of Miles’s suit from the film Into the Spider-Verse. It’s a perfect choice for Halloween or cosplay events.
Classic Suit

Upon beating a certain mission in the game, you can unlock this outfit. It resembles Miles’ first outfit in the film and comics.

It reveals a comic book effect when you take down enemies and comes with the “Power Pitcher” mod that increases damage from thrown items.

This suit is worn by Miles during his first day mission. It can be unlocked after completing the side mission Back to the Beginning.
Animated Suit

A rework of Miles’ primary suit in the 2018 animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. This version can be unlocked at level 13 after completing the Parting Gift mission.

This suit adds caption effects to combat, mimicking the 12 frames per second animation style of the film. It also uses two of your mod slots. So it’s not ideal for high-level play.
Brooklyn Visions Academy Suit

This classic Miles Morales costume features a black and red bodysuit with red webbing and a Spider-Man emblem. It is a great choice for Halloween or cosplay events and can be paired with a variety of accessories and props.

This suit is worn by Miles during his training with Peter Parker. It is available after clearing the Brooklyn Visions Academy side quests in Into the Spider-Verse.
Into the Spider-Verse Suit

Marvel’s Spider-Man will launch with the PlayStation 5 on November 12, and developer Insomniac has already shown off a couple of cool suits for Miles Morales. One of them dresses him up in the suit seen in 2018’s Into the Spider-Verse animated film.

This suit is unlockable by reaching specific milestones in the story or paying for it with tokens earned through gameplay. It also changes combat animation by replacing the normal realistic hit effects with comic-based ones.
Spider-Man 2 Suit

Miles Morales’s second suit is unlocked after completing all of the Mysterium missions. It borrows some of Mysterio’s look and adds his fishbowl for a more subtle, clean, and classic style.

This black printed polyester Marvel costume includes a padded jumpsuit and fabric mask. Slip this on and transform into the interdimensional hero you always knew you could be. The world needs you!
Bodega Cat Suit

The Bodega Cat Suit is a costume that Miles Morales can wear in the Spider-Man 2 video game. It can be obtained by unlocking it in the Suits menu using the touchpad of the DualSense controller and spending 25 Tech Parts.

The suit gives Miles a backpack with a bodega cat inside (inspired by Earth-999’s Spider-Cat) that attacks enemies during finishers.
Puerto Rican Suit

Many of the suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 can be unlocked by simply leveling up, but some require a bit more work. The Puerto Rican Suit is one such example.

It showcases Miles Morales’ pride in his mother’s homeland by sporting a Boricua flag. If you have Puerto Rican ancestors, try using FamilySearch Memories to discover traditional fashion. It could help you understand their culture better.

After completing the Roxxon Lab and Underground Hideout challenges, Miles can unlock this version of his Classic Suit. This suit mod causes a larger force when breaking weapons or grabbing thugs, making it especially useful for taking down Roxxon henchmen.

This shield is made of vibranium, a rare material found in Wakanda. It can reflect projectiles and thrown weapons, including energy-based ones that Hydra uses powered by the Tesseract.
Wolverine Suit

In a future where Mutants are hunted by machines, this version of Wolverine wore this black suit. This simple suit unlocks a visor mod that makes Miles’ actions look more comic book-like and also unleashes cosmetic fight noises.

Upon beating the game and completing every hologram challenge that Peter Parker leaves for you, you can unlock this outfit. This suit includes a hood.
Mysterio Suit

A special effects wizard and stunt man, Mysterio is an expert in illusions. He is also a criminal who uses his skills to frame superheroes.

Upon completion of many small tasks around Harlem, the people of Manhattan will show their appreciation by gifting you this mod for your Classic Suit. It features a gold trim and adds a hat, ear, arm, and leg warmers.

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