apex legends tips
apex legends tips

Do you need some practical, top-tier tips and tricks for Apex Legends? The following beginner’s guide to Apex Legends is about as comprehensive a compilation of tips and tricks as you’ll find online. I’ve played Apex Legends for well over a thousand hours since it came out, and I can tell you there’s no better time to start playing than now, in Season 11 – also known as Apex Legends Escape.

Tips and tricks for Apex Legends Season 11 that will get you started on your journey in Apex and help you win more consistently as a Legend.

How to win Apex Legends matches and fights – Tips & Tricks:

In Apex Legends, 60 players take part in a team-based battle royale, looting items and fighting until one team remains. Players who want to win fights and matches more consistently will find these tips helpful.

  1. Begin With a Good Landing:

It is very important to drop properly in Apex Legends. In a hot zone, you must beat your competitors to loot. For the best landing method, see our in-depth landing guide.

  1. Make an Aggressive Landing:

At Apex, players who land aggressively are rewarded. When fighting, try closing the gap between you and the enemy rather than popping out of cover, spraying, and hiding again to reload and heal. With our guide to the best guns and weapon stats, you’ll know which tools are best for the job.

  1. Take the loot Quickly:

Don’t stay still while looting; loot as quickly as possible. You should trust your first scan of the items in a death box rather than wasting a lot of time. You should be disciplined with your loot time, and don’t go back for another look. For more information, read our guide to looting.

  1. Be Careful When Flanking:

Wide planks are risky, but powerful as long as you have enough cover and distance that the enemy cannot pounce on one of you while you’re separated. If you decide to flank your allies, make sure you maintain a line of sight.

apex legends tips and tricks
apex legends tips and tricks

Learn the best Legends and team combinations – Quick Learning:

Each Apex Legends character brings their own unique skillset to the team, and there are plenty of opportunities for synergy between abilities and great team play. Check out the following tips for some premium information on team synergy and Legend selection.

  1. Ability to Move is Extremely Crucial:

Every team should have at least one good mobility-focused ability, preferably one that can be used by everyone. Quick repositioning is crucial to staying alive. Check out our Apex Legends best characters guide to learn more about the characters and their abilities.

  1. Recon Legends are Extremely Powerful Characters:

Scouting potential is the second thing I look for in a good team composition. Despite their inability to reveal threats in advance, Seer, Bloodhound, and Crypto are all indispensable team members. With her Passive ability, Ash has an advantage when it comes to third-partying.

  1. A hitbox’s Size is Important:

There are different sizes of hitboxes on different Legends, so they are easier or harder to hit. For the largest characters, Caustic and Gibraltar, there is a Passive ability called Fortified that reduces incoming damage and grants immunity to minor slow effects. Apex Legends Season 9 removed Low Profile, which increases incoming damage for the smallest least characters. Find out more about these two perks with our Apex Legends guide to Low Profile and Fortified.

  1. Share Team Legends with Your Friends:

A player’s name tag disappears when they aim down sights at an ally, making it harder to tell friend from foe. Make a point of memorizing not only your teammates’ Legends but also their Legend skins, so you’ll know who to target in close-quarters combat.

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