Maintaining relationships with existing customers and prospects through email is still effective. However, many businesses-to-business (B2B) organizations struggle with their email marketing strategies.

I’ll answer these questions and a few more in this b2b email software email marketing guide. Additionally, you will learn about different types of effective B2B email marketing campaigns, email marketing tips, and B2B marketing examples.

What Is B2B Marketing?

Marketing to businesses is the practice of promoting your brand name, the value of your product or service, and converting them to customers. HubSpot is an example of a business-to-business marketing company. Instead of serving individual consumers, HubSpot serves businesses. This means that all of our marketing efforts fall under the B2B category.

Best Email Marketing Software

  1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign was the most commonly cited tool for email marketing software in 2022 among survey respondents with over 130,000 customers.

ActivCampaign has earned its reputation as an email marketing automation tool by focusing on developing world-class products. With machine learning and predictive tools, our list’s most advanced email marketing platform enables marketers to operate more intelligently and deliver higher ROI.

One could be forgiven for thinking all of this would be costly. ActiveCampaign is relatively inexpensive, starting at $9/month, making it more affordable than many other tools on this list.

ActiveCampaign outlines 22 guarantees from its support team in its Customer Success Commitment document, including free implementations and migrations.

  1. HubSpot

Business owners using HubSpot have access to a full-service sales and marketing platform that includes a CRM, landing pages, email marketing, marketing automation, chat, forms, and much more. Even though some say that HubSpot’s downfall is trying to do everything, they are exceptional at one thing: reporting.

You can more easily attribute sales to specific marketing campaigns, newsletters, and blog posts by using HubSpot as your marketing and sales backbone. HubSpot is, therefore, more like a CRM that offers email marketing and automation than the other way around.

If you use HubSpot as an email marketing tool for your WordPress website, then you gain an additional advantage. It is possible to send email campaigns directly from WordPress using the HubSpot WordPress plugin. You can also use the plugin with HubSpot forms and chat widgets to capture your CRM contacts without automatically leaving WordPress.

  1. Sendinblue

Among the leading transactional email services is Sendinblue. Based on their reputation, they built an email marketing automation solution. With two of our ventures (Leadformly and Serene), we use SendinBlue to send transactional emails, as they’re one of the few email marketing providers with servers in the EU (which helps us comply with GDPR), and they have good deliverability rates (we’re currently at 98%).

The marketing automation features I haven’t personally used are good, but they lack some of the more advanced features (such as goal tracking, native integrations, and annotations). You should choose Sendinblue if you need a marketing email tool with a solid API and deliver your emails to inboxes with a good deliverability rate.

Marketing automation is the practice of automating marketing processes. Marketing automation is different from customer relationship management (CRM) software as it focuses on marketing activities such as lead generation, nurturing leads, and lead scoring. Marketing automation is often used in tandem with marketing analytics tools such as Google Analytics. It’s also important to consider the kind of content you’re creating.Re you sharing how-to guides, product reviews, or other information that can be found online anywhere? If so, you don’t need a separate social media marketing strategy. Just post links to your blog articles and share them on social sites when appropriate. But if your content is more specific — for example, an email tip that only people who subscribe to your email list will receive — then you’ll need to make sure your content can be shared elsewhere.

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