Anyone with wavy, curly or textured hair knows that finding a hairdresser who will treat your strands with the love and respect they deserve is no easy feat. A true curl specialist has finely-honed principles that prioritise a thorough consultation over product sales.

Melbourne’s High Priestess of kinks and coils, Hermiz takes curls seriously, treating them like works of art. Using a deconstructed dry cutting technique, she creates shapes that compliment your personal style, face shape and lifestyle.
What to Look For

When choosing a hairdresser for curly hair, it’s important to look for a specialist. This is because there are many salons out there that claim to be experts, but really just sell products and provide standard haircuts. There are also a number of red flags to watch out for, such as a salon that exclusively promotes chemical straightening and extensions or that only offers product-reliant CGM results.

A true curly hair specialist works with the texture of your curls, not against them. They are able to deconstruct your hair using dry cutting and create shapes that compliment your curls, personal features, and personality.
Identifying a Curl Specialist

The best stylists are able to assess their clients’ curl patterns and recommend in-salon treatments, and hair care routines that will keep their clients’ curly strands healthy and looking their best. They should also understand how to work with different types of curly hair and be able to identify which products are suitable for which textures.

Hair stylists are not mind readers, and it’s essential that clients make themselves clear about what they want from their appointments. Asking for referrals is a good idea, but it’s important to meet potential hairdressers before you commit to booking a cut.

Jess is a Gippsland-based curly hair specialist who believes in empowering her clients to embrace their natural waves, curls and coils. Using a deconstructed method of dry cutting and artistic flare, she creates shapes that compliment an individual’s curl type and lifestyle. Her clients love her for being a safe haven for their curls. She also loves to teach her clients how to keep their wavy, curly and textured hair in great condition between salon visits by sharing her tips and tricks.
Finding a Curl Specialist in Melbourne

Finding a hairdresser who is adept at working with curls can be an arduous quest. Those with luscious locks can spend years barber-hopping and salon-sampling, enduring innumerable smile-through-the-tears moments as new hairdressers ask how they like their fresh ‘do.

If you want to know how to find a curly specialist in Melbourne, it is important to research your options and read reviews online before making a booking. You can also ask your friends and family for recommendations.

The salons below offer a range of services for curls, waves and textured hair. These hairdressers will give your curls the love they deserve.hairdresser curly hair melbourne

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