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If you have curly (or wavy or textured) hair, you know it’s not always easy to find a salon that understands your unique strands. So we’ve rounded up these Gina Approved curl specialist Melbourne salons to get you started!

Neel Morley is a curly girl herself and her clients – her ‘curlfriends’ – swear by her deconstructed dry cutting technique.


Whether you’re after a 70’s shag, bob or bang, Josie knows how to shape your luscious locks into a look that suits your face, personality and lifestyle. She’s also a whizz with colour, from natural blondes to hair painting and colour corrections.

She’s a busy lady but if she finds some spare time, she’ll be sure to pop in and give your curls a treat! She’s a master of dry cutting and can do a mean blow-dry too!

With the -la suffix on trend thanks to celebs like Camila, Layla and Stella, Delilah fits right in with today’s trends. Her biblical ties may be a bit dated, but we think she’ll be here to stay. She’s a natural with clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Neel Loves Curls

Anyone with wavy, curly or textured hair knows that finding the right hairdresser is a mission. The search is doubly tough if you have curls, as many hairdressers are not curl-friendly, leaving you with an unruly mop after your appointment.

This Fitzroy salon specialises in curls. You can find it above Quick Brown Fox in Brunswick Street (hint: go through the shopfront). Bookings here are hotly contested, with people travelling interstate to visit Neel Morley and his team.

He’s the king of taming and reshaping your curls, transforming them into envy-inducing ringlets. He also takes the time to teach you techniques to maintain your curls between salon visits. He uses a deconstructed method of dry cutting and stocks curl-friendly products. This is a salon you can truly trust to look after your curls.

Mousey Brown

As the High Priestess of kinks and curls, Neel isn’t your typical salon hairdresser. His Fitzroy salon is a temple to all things textured and his mission is to revere them in ways that honour their unique characteristics.

A true specialist is able to deliver exceptional results that align with how an individual wants to live their textured hair. Unfortunately, too many curly hair salons prioritize social media styling and product selling over effective haircutting.

Swathed in Aveda aromas and offering a full range of services, this eastern suburbs salon is all about the curls. Their deconstructed dry cutting technique and artistic flare allows them to create shapes that support an individual’s lifestyle. Ask for Melissa. She’ll make your curls oh so pretty! – and teach you how to maintain your textured locks at home.

Maiden Hair

Known as the curly hair whisperer, Wendy has a salon that specialises in natural, curly and wavy hair. She’s all over the ‘Curl Girl Method’ and will have your curls looking sassy and healthy.

She loves to empower her clients to embrace their natural tresses with her deconstructed method of dry cutting. She also educates clients on how to hydrate their curls and styles them with ease.

A colour guru and a queen of textured strands, Hayley is well respected within our industry and is the founder of Maiden Hair. She’s passionate about her work and enjoys teaching other hairdressers how to cut textured strands with precision. Her salon has a specialised curly menu and Hayley offers both in-salon and online curly hair education.curly hair specialist Melbourne

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