gloxinia seven deadly sinsgloxinia seven deadly sins

Gloxinia is cruel and sadistic, taking pleasure in the suffering of others as one of the Ten Commandments. In The Seven Deadly Sins, Gloxinia was the first king of the Fairy King’s Forest. Stigma joins the side of the demons after he discovers Stigma betrayed his people and probably killed his sister. Gloxinia takes pleasure in the suffering of others as one of the Ten Commandments.

5 Things that Make No Sense’s Sins

  1. Meliodas Has the Same Demon Mark

The same demon mark that Zeldris and Meliodas have was given to Gloxinia due to an animation error.Each of the Ten Commandments is supposed to have a different tattoo matching its particular Commandment, and each marking is supposed to be unique to the family line. As well as simplifying Gloxinia’s overall design, the butterfly-winged design on his pants has also been changed.

  1. An Attack During a Tournament Surprised Him

A tournament was set up by Gloxinia and Drole during the Great Fight Festival arc, in which the winner would win anything they desired. Gloxinia killed participants he felt weren’t worthy, going so far as to kill them.Escanor managed to catch them off guard by forcing people to fight against their will, despite knowing they were fighting against their will. As a result, they were attacked more often.

After the festival ended, Escanor was declared the winner of the tournament. However, he only received a gift and the promise that his next request would be fulfilled. In the final chapter of the tournament, Escanor asked for a wish. He chose to become a god and have his own temple, with all the money spent on it being given to charity. Escanor then went through the process of becoming a god and became a powerful one at that. However, he still wasn’t satisfied, so he made a second wish: to be able to make any wishes and be free to make whatever ones he wanted. The godhood fulfilled this, but he was still a little unsatisfied. After all, he had become a god, so why couldn’t he just have his own wish? Escanor made another wish, to be able to give someone else his power so that they could have their wishes.

  1. Abandoned By His People

Gloxinia decides to join the Demon Army after being betrayed by the humans he trusted. His initial affiliation with Stigma was when the Goddess Clan, the Fairy Clan, the Giant Clan, and the humans joined forces to defeat the Demon Clan.Fairies were being slaughtered indiscriminately by humans who were supposed to watch the forest, so it’s strange that he abandoned them.

  1. Gerheade Never Realized That He Survived

As with many other fairies, Gerheade, Gloxinia’s sister, was attacked by members of Stigma. This caused her to lose her eye and her legs. Gerheade does not have the strength to tell Gloxinia that Rou is innocent, and all Gloxinia sees is her injuries and Rou.He never checks to see if Gerheade survived in his haste to kill Rou. As a result of the encounter, he assumed his sister was dead.

  1. Only After Meeting Meliodas Made He Question His Decisions

Gloxinia had some morally wrong decisions. His death toll was immeasurable, and he served the Demon Clan, which had been his enemies for a long time.Meliodas, who had been his friend three thousand years ago, is the only person who makes him regret what he’s done after all of this bloodshed. When he turns to King, he tries to find out if his actions were right, but King proves that he made a mistake in turning to the demons for comfort.

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