Jet Ski Rental Brisbane Ride A Complete Sea Trip Guide


You might be a visitor to Brisbane or a resident looking to explore the endless Queensland waterways on a jet ski for the first time. I have you covered!Here is a list of 6 places where you can rent a jet ski near Brisbane, sometimes for under $100. There are two options here: Group tours and Self-Hire (unsupervised, so you go at your own pace), such as the following tour.

Keep reading if riding a powerful personal watercraft in the Australian sunshine sounds like a dream jet ski rental Brisbane So let me share with you my top recommendations in SEQ so you can have fun soaking it all up.

Jet Ski Rental Goes Beyond Brisbane

Jet ski rentals are not available in Brisbane city itself. It will actually take you at least an hour to prepare.There are two obvious choices: the Gold Coast (best spot) and the Sunshine Coast (2nd best spot). Do you know that you can hire jet skis in Moreton Bay, particularly Bribie Island?

To get to these places, if you’re looking to hire a jet ski near Brisbane, you’ll need a car. It is easier to get around the Gold Coast with the train/tram system, especially during weekends when the M1 is very busy.

There’s also the option to hire a jet ski in Hervey Bay, but that’s not appropriate for a day trip. The same goes for Airlie Beach.We should get more specific.

  1. Gold Coast

First and foremost, I recommend the Gold Coast. As a result, the Broadwater makes for a great place for beginners to learn jet skiing.

Due to its low tidal variation and the presence of many islands, the waterways are generally calm, except when there is a strong wind.

I ride here frequently, and one of the main hazards is simply other jet skiers. The Gold Coast is home to literally thousands of jet ski owners. If you go out on a Saturday or Sunday during the summer, you will almost certainly see them.

In Gold Coast, the water police are very present since some of them are pretty irresponsible. You will get fined quite quickly if you exceed the 40kt speed limit. Apart from that, it’s an amazing place for riding.

  1. Coast of the Sunshine

There are no crowds and no hooligan PWC riders on the Sunshine Coast. This is quite a contrast from the Gold Coast.The lack of riding areas makes it less popular. Due to the lack of developed waterways hire, jet ski tours on the Sunshine Coast are quite limited.

There’s no doubt that the Sunshine Coast’s population is ageing. Relatively few retirees own personal watercraft so you won’t see many of them here. The majority of them go riding in the Whitsundays on multiday trips.If you prefer not to be around crowds, the Sunshine Coast is the perfect place to own jet ski.

  1. The islands of Moreton Bay

This really is the best of both worlds. You can combine the flat waterways of the Gold Coast with the less crowded Sunshine Coast to make the Moreton Bay region.

There are a few jet ski rental shops on Bribie Island. If you want to ride in a place that’s very accessible, then start with Bribie. The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are both more scenic, but you’ll have less time to explore Bribie.

Like the Gold Coast, I would avoid the weekends here too. The weekend crowds can be unbearable here. Winters in Moreton Bay are actually warmer than those on the Gold Coast. The best place to own a jet ski isn’t in the ocean, but it’s a great place to learn to ride and develop your skills!


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