Keeping your kitchen cabinet design simple and consistent can improve workflow efficiency. For example, if your cabinets bleed into other rooms (like the dining room, mudroom or home office), coordinate your paint color and hardware for consistency.

Unlike some other cabinet materials, solid wood holds up well over time and retains its value better than many other trendy options. That’s why it is the preferred material for most homeowners.

Cabinets are the bones of every kitchen. You can make a big impact on their look by choosing paint, wood, style, and hardware. For example, a simple way to add flair to cabinets is with beautiful brass half moon cabinet pulls.

Slab or flat panel cabinet doors are the foundation of a sleek contemporary aesthetic. Their flat rectangular fronts create a clean backdrop for statement hardware and are easy to clean because they don’t have any details or crevices where food grease can collect.

Another popular style of framed cabinet is inset door and drawer fronts. These are set flush with the face frame and have a classic cottage feel that works well in farmhouse-style kitchens. This type of cabinetry can be more expensive because the detail is hand-carved and requires precision to install.

Contemporary cabinet design is a popular choice for kitchens that need an updated look. It combines decor elements from modern, transitional, and traditional styles while keeping a clean, minimal appearance.

White, flat panel cabinets with minimal frame detail are a classic contemporary kitchen cabinet idea. They create a fresh, clean look that works well with modern appliances and a popular updated color palette. Simple metal pulls keep the look simple and elegant.

Darker colored cabinets are also a growing trend in contemporary kitchens. They can add drama to your kitchen while balancing natural wood tones and grain patterns that are also popular in contemporary style.

For a more minimal style, try a frameless door with no framing or a slab front cabinet door that resembles shaker style without the narrow stiles and rails. These types of cabinet doors are often called Euro-style, and they can help keep your kitchen looking streamlined. Pair them with light countertops and backsplashes to maintain a bright, airy atmosphere.

With minimal spacing in between the door and frame, this kitchen cabinet design exudes a sense of fine craftsmanship. This style also trades in the traditional framed cabinet opening size for a larger door space allowing larger cookware, pots, baking trays and plates to fit more easily.

This cabinet design mixes framed cabinetry with the sleek look of European cabinets. It can be more expensive than full overlay, but it eliminates the large visible gaps seen in a traditional framed cabinet.

Dura Supreme offers two variants of flush cabinets, both featuring a flush cabinet frame and inset doors. Shaker inset cabinetry is a simple option with a square inlay, while Carson inset cabinetry adds a different dimension to the flush aesthetic with a raised panel. Both options come in our white finish. Whenever cabinets are going to butt up against a wall or another cabinet with an exposed end, we recommend using a flush finished end. This eliminates the need to shim and allows for easy installation of moldings like crown or base.

Solid wood cabinets provide a warm and durable aesthetic. Real wood cabinetry typically comes in a variety of species including maple, cherry, oak and birch. Each species has its own distinctive wood grain patterning and color that offers a wide range of options for your kitchen design. Solid wood is a premium material and will cost more than other cabinet materials.

Taking wood in a contemporary direction requires a thoughtful approach to avoid missing the natural beauty of the material. TR Studio chose deVOL’s Sebastian Cox cabinets in black stained beech for this kitchen design. The light wood flat-panel cabinet fronts work well with the traditional herringbone tile flooring.

Wood cabinets will require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. Solid wood is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture and can swell over time if not properly sealed. It also needs to be protected from extreme heat and humidity. Using a waterproof sealant is essential to protect your investment and ensure that your cabinetry lasts for decades.

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