If you want to go as your favorite webhead from the Spider-Verse this Halloween then look no further than the Spider Gwen Costume. This is the costume that everyone’s talking about from the alternate reality where Gwen Stacy got bit by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker.

The hooded jumpsuit captures her signature black, pinkish-purple and white colors and the mask makes for the perfect finishing touch. Just add her blue sneakers and she’s ready to swing into action!

  1. Gwen Stacy School Uniform

Gwen’s fashion sense comes through in her everyday clothes, even when she’s not working as Spider-Woman. In this panel, she wears a form fitting red, orange, and yellow dress with fishnet stockings. Her favorite black headband and low heels complete the outfit.

Across the Spider-Verse, Gwen’s uniform colors reflect her feelings about her life. Her room is draped in light pinks, blues, and whites. This artistic conceit is a nod to her gender identity as a transgender woman.

Whether you call her Gwen Stacy, Ghost-Spider, or Spider Gwen, this costume will help your child launch into the Spider-Verse this Halloween. With a hooded bodysuit and mask, it’s easy for kids to imagine themselves in Gwen’s shoes this October. Plus, the mask will protect their secret identities so they can swing all over the dance floor!

  1. Gwen Stacy Hallway Outfit

The cosplay community dropped their jaws when Spider Gwen first came on the scene. Girls were thrilled to see a female superhero that wasn’t a clone or a man, while guys were impressed with her cool, youthful style and feminine appeal.

In this alternate universe, it was Gwen Stacy, not Peter Parker, who got bitten by the radioactive spider and gained powers. Gwen wears a preppy sweater and skirt outfit when she’s not undercover as Spider-Woman. You can easily create this look yourself with a simple sweater and skirt from your closet.

This costume is also a great choice for kids who want to dress up as Spider-Gwen for Halloween. They’ll love showing off their super powers and their favorite character. Pair it with a Spider-Gwen mask and gloves to complete their look. Spider-Gwen is an important part of the Marvel Multiverse and is a popular character in comic books, movies, merchandise, and video games.

  1. Gwen Stacy Outdoor Schoolyard Outfit

Gwen has the look of a classic superhero with her black and white suit and hood. She looks like she could be fighting crime and saving her city just as easily as Peter Parker does.

Gwen Stacy isn’t all brains though, she’s got some brawn as well. As the daughter of a police captain, Gwen keeps herself in top physical shape and is pretty skilled when it comes to unarmed combat.

She also has some nifty powers that she uses to fight crime, like her web shooters that can take moisture from the air and turn it into webs for her to use. Her ability to jump between dimensions is a cool addition to her powers too. This is something that she gets to use in her animated series and movie adaptation of Edge of Spider-Verse. She’s able to do this thanks to her cool wristwatch that she wears. It’s something that makes her very different from the other Spider-People of Earth-616.

  1. Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker Couple Costume

Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker are a beloved couple in the Spider-Man franchise. This costume is a cute way to dress up as the two of them. Gwen’s preppy sweater and skirt outfit is easy to replicate with basic items. Add a pair of sneakers and you’ve got yourself a great Halloween outfit.

It’s interesting to note that the policeman Captain George Stacy, Gwen’s father in this alternate universe of Earth-65, wears a transgender flag on his uniform. Considering the discrimination and violence that trans people face in real life, this flag is a sign that Gwen’s dad supports transgender rights.

Spider-Gwen has become a major part of the Spider-Man universe with her own comics, merchandise, movies, and animated series. Cosplaying as Spider-Gwen is a popular activity among fans at comic book conventions and other events. It’s also a good way to introduce young kids to the web-slinging hero. This Women’s Spider-Gwen Costume is a great choice for any fan.

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