The Pokemon Store Uk is the official outlet for the Pokemon brand in the UK. It stocks everything from t-shirts and plushies to video games and home goods.

The pop-up shop last made an appearance in London during the 2022 World Championships, but now it’s coming back again for the 2023 Europe International Championships. The pop-up will open alongside the event on August 17-21.


Pokemon is one of the most popular and iconic brands in pop culture today. It’s known for its fun games and intriguing characters, as well as its merchandising.

At EMP, we’re proud to stock a range of officially licensed Pokemon merchandise for fans of all ages! From T-shirts to mugs, there are plenty of great gift ideas for fans.

There’s even a selection of soft plush toys for you to play with and take home with you! These range from small dolls to large, life-sized figurines.

Those with a serious interest in the game can also get their hands on official Pokemon cards and other Pokemon-themed products. Some of them even come with exclusive designs for specific events, including last year’s World Championships.

The Pokemon Company’s pop-up store is returning to London in 2023, alongside the Pokemon European International Championships at ExCeL. It will be open to the general public, and timeslot reservations are now available.


Pokemon is a popular brand with a loyal fan base, so it’s no surprise that there is a large selection of cool gifts to choose from. You can find anything from Pokemon themed mugs to Pokemon t-shirts and statues.

The Pokemon Company have teamed up with some nifty companies to create some really cool toys and gadgets that are sure to make a great gift for a Pokemon buff. One of the most interesting items on offer is a Pokeball that changes colour when triggered by a pokemon!

Alternatively, the company has produced a nifty little gadget that fits on your keychain and is able to play retro Pokemon games on the go. This little gizmo has a small two-inch screen and can be snapped into its own carry case, so it’s certainly a slick touch. The best thing is that it can be used by anyone, whether they’re a beginner or a seasoned gamer.


Pokemon Store Uk stocks a wide range of anime for fans to enjoy, including anime that have been licensed and translated into English by VIZ Media. It also carries merchandise from the Pokemon Trading Card Game and the popular Pokemon Adventures series.

For fans who want to watch the anime on TV, there are a number of channels that air it. The UK’s Cartoon Network (formerly known as Toonami) has aired Pokemon Chronicles since it was first released in 2005.

The BBC has aired the series for several years and has recently added new episodes to its online streaming service, iPlayer, on a regular basis. They have also released the 18 movies on DVD/Blu-ray for those who prefer to watch them on their home entertainment systems.

There is a special pop-up store in London that allows fans to buy Pokemon merchandise in person, as well as meet other Pokemon enthusiasts. It is a popular event, and people often queue up to get into the shop.


Pokemon Shop Uk is the UK’s newest official outlet for the popular creature collecting franchise. It offers a range of Pokemon merchandise including plush, pins, and clothing, as well as Pokemon TCG products.

The online store is an extension of a pop-up shop that was previously opened in London, which saw queues form around the block and Pokefans camping out overnight. It also featured a selection of exclusive Pokemon items, including Beefeater Pikachu and Roserade plush toys.

It’s a good idea to check the website before placing an order, though. A number of card tins are being sold as resold booster packs, but they’re actually filled with generic cards, making it difficult to tell which ones you’re getting.

Despite the problems with card tins, the pop-up was a success last year and will return next August to the ExCeL London stadium for the Pokemon World Championships. It’s expected to feature the latest Pokemon games – such as Pokemon Sword and Shield – alongside exclusive items from the World Championships.

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