Wearing Rings on Your Fingers Tells a Lot About You


The way you wear rings can tell other people a lot about you. From weddings to Mafia associations, the choice of finger on which to wear a ring has many cultural and traditional meanings.

The pinky finger is a favored spot for signet rings, which display a coat of arms or family crest. But a ring worn on the pinky finger doesn’t have much cultural significance.

The ring finger

This is the finger traditionally associated with love and commitment, which explains why engagement and wedding rings are worn on this hand. It was once believed that a vein ran from this finger to the heart (known as the Vena Amoris), which may have contributed to the tradition of giving a ring to a loved one on this finger.

Men who choose to wear a ring on their ring finger often do so to signify their commitment to their partner. Those who practice abstinence from romantic relationships might choose to wear chastity or purity rings on this finger as well.

The index finger is associated with leadership and ambition, which may explain why class rings and other signets that indicate membership in clubs or organizations are typically worn on this finger. It is also the finger most used, making it an ideal place to showcase large rings that will be easily visible. In Indian philosophy, this finger is associated with vayu, the air element, while in the West it is linked to Jupiter – the king of the gods.

The pinky finger

The pinky finger is often left bare, but it can also hold a ring. It is associated with love and romance, a sign of commitment. It is thought to have a natural link to the heart, so romantic rings are popular for this finger. The pinky finger is ruled by Mercury, which symbolises intelligence and persuasion. Soothing gemstones such as rose quartz and aquamarine are recommended for this finger.

In the past, men used to wear two rings on their pinky — one wedding ring and another signet ring — to demonstrate their status in society. This practice, however, has fallen out of favor. Some hand surgeons speculate that this trend may be linked to the development of deformities like Dupuytren’s contracture.

The middle finger is usually reserved for signet rings and a few select cocktail rings. Since it is adjacent to the index finger, it can get snagged or caught on objects more easily than the other fingers. Therefore, men who wear a ring on their middle finger tend to opt for slimmer styles.

The middle finger

The middle finger, ruled by Saturn, symbolizes balance, justice, and the law. It also represents responsibility and soul-searching. Soothing gemstones like rose quartz, coral, and aquamarine are great for this finger.

The index finger is ruled by Jupiter and symbolises power, leadership, ambition and self-confidence. It is the ideal finger for class rings, fraternal or membership crests, and family crests.

Historically, the middle finger was known as the “digitus impudicus” – an explicit reference to the male genitalia. But it has lost its obscene meaning, as demonstrated by the fact that pop singer Britney Spears extended this finger at photographers in 2014, and her apology was accepted.

The ring stack

If you have a flair for mixing and matching, creating a ring stack is an easy way to show off your unique style. You can layer rings between your second knuckle and even include a thumb or pinky ring for an extra pop of color. The best part is, you can incorporate old family heirlooms or pieces from your jewelry box to make this look your own.

The key to building a perfect ring stack is finding a focal point and building your ensemble around it. Chunky rings like engagement rings or ones with an eye-catching stone are ideal starting points. They can be complimented with thinner bands for a balanced, cohesive look.

To ensure your stackable rings fit well together, we recommend ordering a half size larger than your true finger size. This will allow you to accommodate the addition of additional pieces later on. The more rings you add to your stack, the more you’ll learn what sizes and styles pair best together. Finger rings


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