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Home care is increasingly viewed as an essential component of health and social supports for older adults, helping them to remain at home and supporting aging in place. This is supported by evidence that home care can help reduce waitlists for residential long term care, support earlier hospital discharge and promote reablement.

A Place for Mom

montreal home care service are provided by a variety of companies. Many are private, while others are part of a larger healthcare organization. Some of these companies provide home health care services, while others focus on senior care and memory care. Regardless of the type of service you need, there are several factors that can help you determine which home care services are right for your family.

A Place for Mom is a for-profit, national senior living and home care referral service that helps families find options for long-term care. Their experienced, commission-based advisors can suggest matches for home care, specialized memory care or independent living communities. They will also schedule tours and provide other advice at no cost to the family.

However, A Place for Mom’s placement specialists are incentivized to push high-priced facilities on unsuspecting seniors who are struggling during a time of crisis. They essentially act like a used car salesman, deceiving people in need of care.

Home Health Care

Home health services can provide support and assistance to help you stay in your own home while recovering from illness or injury. These services include nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. They can also offer advice on nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. They can even make observations on your living environment.

Once a request is made, a health care professional will visit you in your home to conduct an assessment of your needs. It is helpful if someone close to you can be present for this visit. The assessment will also include a discussion of your health goals and preferences.

Customers of The Key rave about the company’s rigorous screening process and its attention to detail when it comes to hiring caregivers. This includes a thorough background check and verification of credentials. They also give their caregivers extensive training in medication administration and first aid response. This allows them to treat clients with confidence and sensitivity.

Memory Care

There are retirement homes in Montreal adapted for seniors suffering from memory loss and other dementia symptoms. They are quite similar to an independent living retirement home but they have protocols in place to manage specific symptoms such as wandering, disorientation and running away from the home.

The specialized Montreal dementia care retirement homes also have staff available to provide medical assistance as needed. They also have activities that include off site excursions, aerobic exercise classes and first class amenities. They just modify these activities to cater to a senior population and to a level of care that is usually much higher.

When booking a Caregiver you can keep in touch with them using the app throughout their service window to check-in when they arrive and checkout when they are leaving. This way you can always be sure your loved one is getting the care they need. Sign-up is free and you’ll instantly get access to Caregivers’ schedules and profiles so you can compare prices and reviews before making a booking.

Skilled Nursing

As you explore different care options for yourself or a senior loved one, you’ll likely hear the term “skilled nursing” thrown around. This type of care focuses on complex, high-level medical treatments and interventions that can only be performed by or under the direct supervision of licensed healthcare professionals like registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and physical/occupational therapists.

Skilled nursing can be delivered in a home healthcare agency, an assisted living community with an on-staff nurse, or a skilled nursing facility where staff provides 24-hour care. Many people enter skilled nursing facilities (also known as SNFs) on a short-term basis after being discharged from the hospital or following an injury or surgery.

Bridge Care suites offer skilled nursing services in a cozy and welcoming community setting that offers quality dining, social activities, and access to physical, speech, and occupational therapy. Plus, these services are covered by Medicare. Talk to a member of our team for more information!

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