Baby Jeeter Review


Baby Jeeter is a pocket-sized pre-roll loaded with 0.5g of top-shelf flower infused with cannabis distillate. These powerful little joints are the perfect addition to your daily routine.

Honeydew Baby Jeeters are a Sativa dominant mini roll coated with Oil and rolled in kief. This strain is great for an afternoon activity or creative escapes, as it provides stimulating effects that will keep you engrossed and motivated.

Blue Zkittlez

A strain made by Dying Breed Seeds, Blue Zkittlez is an Indica hybrid with a scent that’s reminiscent of sweet soil and tart citrus. It’s also known for its frosted candy-like buds and trichomes, which give it an appearance that is almost like Christmas trees.

This strain is a favorite among users who are looking for a relaxing effect that doesn’t leave them feeling sleepy or couch-locked. It’s also great for easing anxiety and pain, as well as helping to relieve stress.

This strain is moderately high in THC with terpene profiles dominant in myrcene, pinene, and limonene. It also contains small amounts of cannabidiol. Despite its indica-dominant nature, it delivers a heady and stimulating cerebral buzz that is sure to knock out negative thinking.

Durban Poison

A homage to its South African port of origin, Durban Poison is one of the heaviest weighted sativa strains in its class. This genetic juggernaut offers a plethora of benefits including an impressive growth rate, and a short flowering cycle to boot. Its trichomes are over-sized and boast a solid concentration of CBD. Durban Poison has a long list of medical credentials, including the ability to relieve stress and pain associated with chemotherapy, migraines and other neurological disorders. Despite being one of the world’s largest growers, Durban Poison is still relatively new on the scene, mainly due to the fact that it’s relatively hard to get your hands on.

Baby jeeter – a five 0.5g joint of the best Durban Poison you can find on the market. It also happens to be one of our most popular sativas. The most obvious advantage is that it produces more buds per square foot than any of its contemporaries, making it ideal for home growers with limited space.

Thin Mint Cookies

Girl Scout Cookie season is a time of year that everyone looks forward to. The brightly colored boxes can be seen in every store and on every social media feed, bringing back memories of our childhood.

Thin Mint Cookies are a classic Girl Scout Cookie that has a crunchy mint and chocolate-flavored coating infused with peppermint oil. They are delicious and incredibly popular.

This recipe for Thin Mint Cookies is easy to make and a fun treat for any occasion! These vegan cookies are crisp, chewy, and delicious.

You can make this recipe dairy free and gluten free by substituting the butter with a vegan buttery spread and using gluten free flour. They also freeze really well!

Agent Orange

During the Vietnam War, an herbicide referred to as Agent Orange was used by the U.S. military to kill plants in the tropical jungles of Vietnam. It was a combination of two chemicals, 2, 4-D and 2, 4, 5-T (also called dioxin), plus a byproduct known as TCDD.

Thousands of service members and veterans suffered from health problems after returning home from the war. They were left with a legacy of health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer and higher than normal rates of birth defects in their children.

As a result, many veterans filed lawsuits against chemical companies to recover damages. In 1984, a $180 million settlement was made in an effort to resolve all of these claims.

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