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Fire pumps can provide supplemental water supply for sprinkler and standpipe systems when demand exceeds the availability of a natural or on-site water source. They are usually powered by electricity, or, in the case of diesel fire pumps, their own fuel source.

Suppliers can be found on the Thomas supplier discovery platform that offer products such as fire pumps, along with maintenance, diagnosis, inspection, repair, reconstruction and rental services. Many also qualify for diverse business certifications.

Duthie Power Services

Duthie Power Services is the largest independent generator service provider in Southern California. It offers routine generator, Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and diesel fire pump maintenance programs as well as 24-hour emergency power restoration.

The company is a member of BOMA Orange County and EGSA, and it follows industry best practices when servicing its clients’ generators and fire pumps. Its technicians are factory-trained to service a wide range of brands, including Generac, Kohler and Cummins.

It also offers a range of rental generators to keep a business up and running when the power goes out. The rental generators are available from 22kW – 2000kW and come with state-of-the-art equipment, fuel tanks and distribution panels.

Customers can find their local sales engineer by visiting the Sales section of the website. There, they can learn how to choose the right generator for their needs and get answers to their questions. They can also request a service appointment or use the back-end sales tools to manage their account. The company also provides maintenance plans that can help prevent minor issues from becoming a major disaster.

Robert J. Fitzmyer Co.

The report offers an extensive overview of the global Fire Pumps Market with a detailed study of current developments and future prospects. It also provides statistics on the revenue boom of numerous regional and country-level markets for the forecast period. The report covers key development drivers, a complete opposition panorama, and unique organization analyses for the projected period. It also highlights a number of opportunities for improvement in the global Fire Pumps Market.

The global fire pump market is expected to grow significantly in the next few years. This growth is primarily due to the promising pace of expansion in the oil and gas industry and an increase in oil exploration, processing, and transportation facilities worldwide. Additionally, strict norms and laws are forcing firms around the world to invest in human resource safety measures.

Robert J. Fitzmyer Co is a distributor of pumps & industrial equipment. Its products include self priming, positive displacement, rotary, process, air diaphragm, water, sump, high pressure, submersible, drum, sanitary, metering, and progressive cavity pumps. It also offers motors, controls, mechanical seals, and replacement parts.


Fire pumps are a critical component in any fire and life safety system, but only when they’re functioning properly. Annual fire pump flow tests help determine whether the equipment is capable of delivering enough water to meet system demand in a real emergency. The tests measure a pump’s performance at various flow and pressure points, plotted on hydraulic graph paper and compared to the manufacturer’s specifications and original acceptance test data. Digital ITM software can automate this process and produce reports, but it’s still essential to use high-quality testing equipment.

The annual fire pump flow test is a comprehensive examination of the system’s capabilities, and it’s vital to understand how to perform one in order to get accurate results. For instance, it’s important to choose a location for the fire pump power source and ensure that the disconnecting switch is in the “closed” position when the test is being conducted.

For best results, a fire protection contractor should perform the inspection, maintenance and test procedures in accordance with the requirements of NFPA 20, Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection. The company should also have an understanding of the electrical requirements of the fire pump and how it should be fed power, based on the National Electrical Code (NEC).

Schutte & Koerting

Schutte & Koerting in Trevose, PA, produces fire educators, a pump variety designed to tap static water sources like lakes, ponds, streams, and pools. Its eductor technology utilizes water pressure from the supply engine/pumper to create a usable flow rate of up to 670 gallons per minute, which is suitable for fire departments with limited access to water supplies.

Industrial Pump Sales & Service in Tiverton, RI, offers system design, installation, consulting, and training services for sprinkler, chemical mitigation, and hydrant systems. It also provides preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, inspections, and pump testing.

Duthie Power Services in Long Beach, CA, is a distributor of generator components like fuel tanks, A/T switches, fire pumps, filters, and distribution panels. Its preventative maintenance, diagnostic, overhauling, repairing, reconstruction, and installation services are available around the clock. Its technicians are trained to handle emergency situations. The company also provides inspection, non-destructive testing, precise measuring, bead blasting, and shaft alignment services. Its products are UL, CSA, and FM-approved. They are used in chemical, food, oil and gas, paper, pulp, metal, power, and waste treatment industries.

Industrial Pump Sales & Service

A fire pump is a vital component of a sprinkler system. It activates when the pressure in the system falls below a certain threshold and pumps water at high speeds through the sprinklers to extinguish the fire. It is commonly powered by electricity, but can also be diesel engine or steam-powered. Fire pumps require regular testing, inspection, and maintenance on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. The team at Majestic Fire is certified to carry out all of these services on fire pumps of every make and size.

This company is a distributor of industrial and fire pumps that can be used for applications such as cooling tower water re-circulation, chemical process, municipal raw & ground water supply, hydrocarbon & solvent transfer, refinery off-site loading and wastewater treatment systems. They offer a wide range of services including engineering, installation, preventive maintenance programs, inspections, trouble shooting and repair.

The company is a distributor of industrial pumps and offers repair, service, maintenance and replacement parts for all major brands. Their technicians are trained to perform tests and inspections, rebuilding, hydraulic balancing, shaft alignment, bead blasting, non-destructive testing, precision measuring, machine shop and paint booth services. They can repair or rebuild almost any pump and are available 24 hours a day for emergency services.

Springer Pumps

Provides fire sprinkler systems, backflow preventer inspections & pumping services. Also specializes in design, installation & maintenance/repair of wet, dry, preaction, deluge & foam fire pumps & clean agent & water storage tanks. Serves commercial warehousing, manufacturing, medical office & nursing home industries.

Provides reciprocating pumps in air-powered or gas-powered versions. These are used for liquid handling in industrial applications, such as fire fighting, chemical movement, sewage movement, flood control, and marine services. They can have single, “simplex” cylinders or “duplex” or even “triplex” (four) cylinders with independent suction and discharge strokes.

This type of pump has a similar operation to the Archimedes screw, in which it creates pressure by allowing water to flow into a cylinder and then pushing it out through a one-way valve. It has an adjustable nozzle and is capable of delivering high volume water in a short amount of time. However, the pump can pulsate and lose power, which can cause patient safety problems. Study [31] conducted a situational diagnostic search related to pumps and found that less than 10% of the technological parks had up-to-date preventive maintenance records.

Glauber Equipment Corp.

Distributor of compressed air, pumps and equipment. Offers air compressors, landfill gas treatment, vacuum and instrument air packaging systems, blowers, booster pump skid equipment, positive displacement pumps, parts and accessories. Serves agriculture, chemical processing, construction, food or beverage, power generation and marine industries.

In 2007, Glauber Equipment Corporation commissioned TCIE to perform an assessment of the company’s Quality Management System. The assessment uncovered a number of areas that needed improvement. TCIE’s recommendations were implemented, and the company saw a significant increase in measurable results. These included quantifiable hard savings, as well as the less tangible “soft savings” that resulted from improved customer satisfaction and a stronger position in the marketplace.

The report offers an in-depth analysis of the global Fire Pumps Market, with insightful information on the current and future growth prospects for various types, technologies, applications and regions through 2028. The report also analyzes the key players in the market, along with their revenue boom, market share and penetration throughout the projected period. It includes a detailed competitive landscape that sheds light on the key business strategies of the prominent players in the Fire Pumps Market.

Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Co.

The company manufactures an innovative line of heavy-duty portable diesel-powered bypass and dewatering pumps. Its customers include the military, public works, water and waste treatment utilities, power plants and oil refineries. It also sells a full line of pump accessories. Thompson Pump is respected worldwide for its sophisticated heavy-duty lines of high quality, high performance pumps that range in size from two to eighteen inches. These pumps are used for public works, construction, agriculture, mining, dewatering and sewer/lift stations.

Founded in 1970, the company specializes in helping clients with pump rentals, sales, service and engineering expertise for the toughest dewatering and bypass applications. Its clients are served locally by more than 30 distributors throughout the United States and internationally.

The company has a long history of providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Its employees are dedicated to the company’s mission, and are committed to delivering outstanding value to its customers. The company maintains a drug-free workplace and conducts background checks on all new hires. It is located in Port Orange, Florida and offers a competitive benefits pump supplier

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