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HVAC equipment keeps industrial, commercial and residential facilities heated, cooled, ventilated, and comfortable. It includes air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, air handlers, smart and traditional thermostats, and other devices.

Trane and Goodman are manufactured on the same line, but their systems differ in terms of warranty and energy efficiency. Your choice should be based on your home’s size and climate, local gas costs, and utility rebate and incentive programs.


Trane is an HVAC company that offers products and services that help to create comfortable, healthy environments. Their energy efficient systems use less power and save money for their customers. They also offer air cleaners and humidifiers to improve indoor air quality. The company uses service information to improve product performance and develop new technologies.

The company’s HVAC systems are among the best on the market, according to professional reviewers. However, their equipment is quite expensive.

If you’re considering a Trane system, it is important to get 3 bids from qualified contractors. These estimates will take rebates and tax credits into account and filter unqualified contractors automatically. They will also include installation costs for the equipment, ductwork, and other accessories. Then, you can compare prices and choose the best deal. The company’s website allows you to search for a local contractor and receive quotes quickly. It also includes a cost calculator that takes other factors into account.

American Standard

American Standard is a top-rated HVAC brand that offers high-quality products at reasonable prices. Its units are resilient against harsh climates, and many feature all-weather covers. The company also offers a transferable warranty, making it ideal for homeowners who want to sell their homes in the future.

The company’s heating and cooling systems are designed to adapt to each homeowner’s unique home environment. This allows you to control your energy consumption and save money on utility bills. They are available through dealers who offer free consultations and a money-back guarantee.

The company was formed in February 2008 by the merger of American Standard Americas and Crane Plumbing. Its brands include American Standard, GROHE, INAX, and TOSTEM. They focus on meaningful design, innovation, and a commitment to accessibility for all people. Their philosophy comes to life through industry leading products that transform homes. The company is owned by LIXIL Corporation, a global manufacturer that designs and produces products for the bath and kitchen.


If you’re looking for a great budget HVAC system, consider Goodman. Its products are designed, engineered, and assembled in the U.S. They’re also backed by some of the best warranties in the industry.

A Goodman AC unit can offer a great ROI, especially if you choose the model with a higher SEER rating. However, it’s important to note that Goodman does not offer premium units like Trane or Carrier.

Goodman HVAC systems are manufactured in facilities that are ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-certified, which is the international standard for quality management processes and environmental practices. In addition, all of their equipment is covered by an extended limited warranty to the original owner and a 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty. Goodman also offers a wide range of other products and HVAC accessories. Their air handlers and coils are high-efficiency, with SEER ratings up to 21. Goodman is a member of the Daikin Group, which is one of the world’s most comprehensive HVAC manufacturers.


The Amana brand, part of the Daikin organization, has a long history of innovative technology that enhances indoor comfort. Their heating and cooling systems feature durable, time-tested components that deliver energy-efficient performance. They also include a robust warranty on all their HVAC equipment. The standard warranty covers parts and labor for 10 years, while premium models offer a lifetime unit replacement warranty. However, the warranty isn’t transferable to a new homeowner if you sell your home.

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