Rent a Car Skopje and Explore the Capital


Rent a car skopje
When you’re visiting an unfamiliar city, having a rental car is the best way to see and do as much as possible. Rather than having to wait on buses or rely on ride share services, a car gives you the freedom to explore on your own time. It also means you can skip the popular tourist attractions and visit those hidden gems that don’t make it into every travel guide but are worth a trip on your own.

Skopje has a lot to offer visitors, from ancient fortresses to modern shopping districts. The capital’s architecture is stunning, from the Millennium Cross to the stone bridge that spans the Vardar River. For a look back at the city’s storied past, head to Kale Fortress, which was constructed in the 6th century and is one of the region’s most artistic yet powerful strongholds.

You can also head out of town to check out the surrounding countryside. With a drive, it’s easy to get to Kokino, a small village that is known as the site of one of the oldest observatories on earth. Its stone markers were used to follow celestial trajectories. Those who want to stay closer to home can explore the beautiful Canyon Matka, which has a scenic river and several caves to explore.

Driving in Skopje is relatively simple, but there are a few rules to keep in mind. For example, you are required to have your headlights on (dipped) at all times, and seat belts are mandatory for everyone in the vehicle. You should also avoid speeding, as fines are steep. Drunk driving is strictly prohibited, and it’s likely that other drivers will flash their headlights at you to remind you of this fact.

There are a few other things to keep in mind when renting a car in Skopje, including parking rates. Within the city, you can usually find parking meters that will charge you by the hour or by the day. You will also need to have small change to pay for motorway tolls, and you may be charged if you park outside of designated areas in the city. Finally, be aware that zebra crossings have priority over other vehicles and pedestrians, so you should always give them the right of way when you’re crossing the road.

When you’re ready to return your car, be sure to drop it off at the same location you picked it up from. It’s important to double-check for any damage that has occurred on your vehicle and fill it up with gas before you return it. Otherwise, you might be charged extra when you pick it up again.

There are a variety of car rental companies located at Skopje Airport, but it’s best to book ahead of time to ensure availability. You can also find deals on cars from other locations in the city, such as a nearby branch of Sixt. Be sure to check out the terms and conditions of each company before you book to make sure that they meet your needs.

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