The Thailand Elite Official Visa Program


Are you interested in living in Thailand on a long-term basis? If so, you should consider getting the Elite Visa. This visa is perfect for digital nomads, investors, entrepreneurs, and families.

Currently, you can get an Elite visa for five to 20 years with exclusive privileges. This includes VIP airport immigration services and services, extraordinary treatment at golf clubs, spas, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals.

1. Fast Track Entry and Departure

Elite packages are designed for affluent foreigners who want to live in Thailand, including digital nomads, retirees, investors and high-income individuals. In addition to a privilege entry visa, these packages offer a wide range of services and privileges.

Benefits include a hostess greeting as soon as you arrive at the airport, priority queue at passport control and transportation by limousine* to your place of residence. You also receive assistance from a representative in opening a bank account and acquiring a Thai driver’s license.

2. Arrival Greeting and Golf Cart

The Elite Visa program is a long-term visa for people who want to stay in Thailand for more than a few months. It allows you to avoid the long lines at the immigration office and save time.

A VIP escort greets you as you arrive at the airport, and helps you through all the immigration formalities. You can also benefit from privilege passport lanes and a lounge at the airport. And you will receive a limousine transfer to your place of residence.

3. VIP Treatment at Airports

The Thailand elite official Visa is for American citizens who want to live hassle-free in the country. The program has partnered with various travel related services such as airlines, hotels, department stores, cooking schools and Muay Thai camps to provide discounted rates to its members.

Upon arrival at the airport, you are welcomed by an agent who takes you to the fast passport lane and handles immigration for you. They also take care of 90-day reporting and other administrative processes.

4. Extraordinary Treatment at Golf Courses

Elite members enjoy the Ultimate Privileges program with free golf green fees, unlimited limousine services and spa privileges. In addition, they are entitled to annual health checks and fitness services, complimentary golf and spa access, and other luxury benefits including VIP movie tickets and Thai boxing experiences. Moreover, they don’t need to leave the country every 90 days or do visa runs as required by other visa types. They also receive liaison and assistance via an Elite personal assistant.

5. VIP Treatment at Spas

Elite members can enjoy access to spas, golf courses and short-haul excursions. They also have exclusive discounts at hotels, resorts, restaurants, department stores, Muay Thai gyms and schools.

The Thailand Elite visa is a residence program that grants foreign nationals the right to stay in the country for up to 20 years. The Thailand Elite visa comes with exclusive privileges that make it the first residency-by-investment program of its kind worldwide.

The Thailand Elite visa costs $200,000 and includes a VIP greeting at the airport, limousine service to the member’s place of residence, luxury spa services, and more.

6. VIP Treatment at Hotels

VIP and VVIP guests demand special treatment at hotels. These guests are often decision makers or GM’s of companies, Travel agents, Honeymoon couples, Journalists and others.

What one hotel considers VIP service, another may consider normal. Therefore, coordination of services is essential for a seamless hospitality experience.

If you would like to receive VIP treatment while living in Thailand, apply for a Thailand Elite visa. This exclusive visa program allows you to live in Thailand without the requirement to leave the country every 90 days or do visa runs.

7. VIP Treatment at Restaurants

Unfortunately, unless you are in the top one percent, you’re probably not getting VIP treatment at restaurants. Most restaurants don’t even have an all-knowing maitre d on staff anymore; host or hostesses are often entry-level employees with high turnover rates. Rather, the manager is the one who recognizes VIPs and often has final say on reservations and seating. The best way to get VIP recognition is to stop by for dinner just after the restaurant opens on a weeknight and introduce yourself to the manager while things are calm.

8. VIP Treatment at Hospitals

Famous people and VIPs may have a valid desire to avoid public scrutiny of their medical care, but the same standard rules of effective clinical judgement and practice apply. Physicians who bend their protocol for these patients risk giving them priority over other individuals with equally urgent needs.

This is often referred to as VIP Syndrome. It results in the healthcare team feeling scrutinised and anxious, making it more difficult to optimise treatment. They also risk over- or under-treating a patient.

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