Fabrics for Men’s Underwear


Men’s underwear has long been a matter of function rather than fashion. But now the same retail forces that disrupted razors, eyeglasses, luggage and mattresses have set their sights on remaking our drawers.

Boxer briefs – or maxi briefs – are the world’s best selling underwear shape (based on high street sales and online retail). Try skinny deep sided versions from Tommy John.


The most commonly used material for men’s underwear, cotton is breathable and absorbent. It also tends to be less expensive than other options, making it a great choice for everyday use.

However, all-cotton underwear can fade or shrink regularly, requiring regular replacements. For longer-lasting, more comfortable underwear, look for a pair that’s made of a higher-quality cotton blend.

Another option is nylon, which is more durable than cotton and can withstand frequent wear. It’s also highly breathable, helping you stay cool and dry. Drawlz nylon underwear is crafted with a carefully perfected blend of 85% nylon and 15% elastane, providing you with the best of both worlds.

If you want the softer feel of cotton without the frequent shrinking and fading, try a pair of boxer briefs in a cotton-modal blend. Modal is a trademarked synthetic fiber made by Lenzing and is considered to be twice as soft as cotton. It’s also environment-friendly, using up significantly less water to produce.


Breathable men’s underwear should wick away sweat and evaporate quickly to keep you cool and comfortable. Look for fabrics that are odor-resistant, such as bamboo or Polygiene, and soft materials that provide maximum comfort.

Undergarments serve multiple functions: they protect the skin from abrasion by outer garments and preserve modesty. They support the genitals and shape the torso and legs. They also offer a range of aesthetic and functional possibilities for decoration and adornment, including visible brands or logos.

In recent decades, men’s underwear has become more fashion-forward and sexy, reflecting a shift in how the male body is represented and consumed through advertising and popular culture. Designers have responded to the demand for more aesthetically pleasing underwear with products that enhance the male form, particularly the crotch. These products include underwear with built-in padding or a pouch front designed to ‘push up’ the genitals, as well as boxers made of bamboo, which is one of the softest natural fibres in existence and has anti-odor properties.


If you’re looking for a fabric that will keep your balls dry (and not gasping for air) then cotton is the vanilla flavor of men’s underwear fabrics. Big underwear manufacturers love it because it can withstand the constant abrasion of pants, legs and movement and it’s cheap to make.

If a rash and itchy balls aren’t what you’re after then merino wool may be the answer. Unlike regular wool it is super soft and doesn’t scratch. It also has antibacterial properties that can stop your crotch from becoming a stink bomb.

Finally, if you’re an athlete who wants more flexibility and comfort from your underwear then spandex is the answer. It’s light and stretchy like cotton, but is resistant to shrinkage and stretches up to 600% of its original size. It’s used in sportswear and bike shorts for good reason.


If you’re looking for an incredibly soft men’s brief that’ll keep your manhood sexy and comfy, look no further than spandex men’s underwear. This breakthrough fabric is softer than cotton, more absorbent and breathable than silk, but it’s also stretchy and wrinkle resistant. Plus, it holds its shape wear after wash.

Spandex (or elastane) is made up of long-chain polymers that make it more elastic than rubber. This means it can be stretched and endure worse conditions than cotton, which is why this stretchy fabric is often found in workout-ready boxer briefs. It’ll support your butt, legs and crotch so you can do deeper squats without your knickers getting twisted.men’s bamboo underwear

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