How To Add Music to Reels After Recording: Guide of 2022

How To Add Music to Reels After Recording
How To Add Music to Reels After Recording

The addition of music to Instagram is a value-added integration for the pulsating and creative Instagram user. In Instagram stories, you will find Instagram reels getting viral due to the music amalgamation. You will quickly get the gist of the discussion if you are interested in how to add music to reels after recording. Additionally, you may be able to depend on the music on your Android or iOS device. It is important that you follow the comprehensive instructions when you’re navigating and applying your favorite musical track.

Now let’s add songs from the Instagram music collection, music from other reels, music from trending videos, or even a personalized audio track. Another example is importing an audio clip from a video or adding a voiceover. This article discusses it in detail.

How To Add Music to Reels After Recording on Instagram

Let’s take a look at the 8 ways you can add music or audio track to Instagram Reels. You must update your Instagram Reels app on your smartphone before you can add music to them.

  • Instagram reels can be enhanced with background music
  • Instagram Reels allows you to import audio clips from videos
  • The addition of original audio clips to Instagram Reels
  • Third-party plugins can be used to add music
  • Your Reel can be filled with trending and popular songs
  • Your Instagram reel can be enhanced with a voice clip
  • After recording to Instagram Reels, combine the music
  • Your Instagram reel can be enhanced with a TikTok music clip

Adding Original Soundtracks to Instagram Reels

Next, let’s talk about adding original audio to Instagram Reel. The dedicated feature for adding music to Reels doesn’t exist, but you can use it another way. Your phone’s music app can be played while recording a reel if you want to include an original soundtrack. Once the soundtrack has been added to the Instagram Reel, it will be visible. Furthermore, your username will appear alongside the original music on your soundtrack. Others can use a similar audio track in their soundtracks as well. The username or song of an artist can be displayed by some description modification rather than adding the artist’s music.

Include Your Instagram Reel with A Third-Party Add-In

Adding original music to your Instagram reels is possible with a third-party add-on. The third-party must create your soundtrack for you. Uploading your original soundtrack into Instagram Reel will then be quite easy. Video editing apps can also be used to add your favorite audio tracks or web apps. Audio tracks can be edited and customized using the InShot and KineMaster apps.

Make Your Instagram Reels Better with Tiktok Music Clips

The TikTok platform is exceptional and evergreen for short videos. Trends weave on TikTok and then flourish on Instagram if you follow TikTok trends. Kapwing, a free web app, is a great solution for TikTok fans who want to add their videos to Instagram reels.

  • Your video or Reel must first be created without music and then downloaded to your phone.
  • Open Kapwing’s official website from your computer or smartphone.
  • Then, navigate to “upload file” and then “Audio” to upload your video file.
  • If you have an audio file to upload, you can do so. You need to add just the audio-video setting to the TikTok video according to your convenience. The Export video button lets you download modified videos once you have modified them. You can upload it to Instagram Reels after downloading it conveniently. If you encounter any problems, you can switch your browser or convert your downloaded video to MP4 format.

Several techniques have been discussed for adding music to reels on Instagram, including direct and indirect methods. If you have recorded your personalized voice or video audio, you may want guidance on how to add music to Instagram reels. Instagram Stories are not the only application that relies on it, but also Reels. A third-party plugin or web app can be used to download music with Instagram Reels.


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