If you’re tired of him not valuing you, it’s time to take control. Here are some simple ways to help him see that you’re worth it.

One way is to trigger his hero instinct. It’s as easy as knowing certain phrases to text him. You can learn that and more in this free video.

  1. Show him how much you care.

Guys like to feel useful and respected, especially in relationships where they’re expected to take care of their women. They want to be heroes, but if they’re not able to stand out for their qualities, they can start to lose sight of their own worth.

Giving them genuine compliments is one way to make them feel valued. Whether it’s how he opened the jam jar for you or how handsome he looks when he gets all dressed up, show him that you notice him.

However, it’s important to choose your battles and not become a doormat. Pulling back on the things that you always do for him will send a message that says, “I’m not your servant anymore.” And once he starts to realize that, he’ll know how much you truly value him.

  1. Make him work for your attention.

Men often feel they are taken for granted by their partner. When this happens, they can start to question their own worth and may become resentful of the person they are in a relationship with. One way to show a man that you value him is to make him work for your attention.

This means creating alone time for him and not being overly available to him. It also means setting boundaries and not allowing him to cross them. If he does try to cross your boundaries, make sure you either back down or say something about it. This will help him realize that you do value him and he should want to be with you.

Another way to make him work for your attention is to surprise him from time to time. This can be as simple as giving him a compliment or organizing a romantic evening. It is important to avoid being too predictable, as this can cause him to lose interest in you.

  1. Make him work harder when he returns after pulling away.

Sometimes, men pull away because they are not ready for commitment. If this is the case, it’s important to give him space and allow him time to sort out his feelings without pressure. During this time, you can focus on your goals and work on projects that are important to you. You can also spend more time with friends and try new things.

When he does return, it’s important to make him work harder for your attention. This will show him that you are not easily available. This will make him value you and your time together more.

Another reason why he may have pulled away is because of his insecurities. He may not believe that he can meet all of your needs or that he is capable of loving you. You can help him get over this by triggering his hero instinct. This free video will teach you how to do this. You’ll learn about the underlying drivers that trigger his hero instinct, and how to use this knowledge to make him want you more than ever before.

  1. Create alone time for him.

A fulfilling private life is essential to a healthy relationship. Rather than nagging your partner to spend more time with you, respect their need for alone time and find a balance.

This may be as simple as making sure that he has his own social circle. Whether he has friends from work or a group of girls, make sure that he has the opportunity to be with them from time to time.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to give him the space to discuss his problems with you. Men often feel like they are burdened with their responsibilities and can benefit from a candid discussion with you about the things that are stressing them out.

When you create alone time, it shows your mate that you are confident in him and value his opinion. Moreover, it allows you to remain the people you each fell in love with. This will only strengthen your relationship.How to value your man

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